The Program


“Children are our future; Education is theirs”

Chelem is a small fishing village in the state of Yucatan, Mexico, with a population of 5,200 residents. Public school in is free in Mexico, however, the required supplies and uniforms are not affordable for many families. For many students going to school is impossible due to the requirements, especially if there is more than one child in the family. Sadly, most students only complete the 4th grade!

Chelem Puerto Apoyo Escolar was created to meet the needs of these students by providing the supplies & uniforms they need. Many of us who have come to the Yucatan from other countries want to help, and that’s what this program does.

Education + Children = Success


How the Program Works

We start our program at 4th grade, and continue thru high school and beyond. We develop a list of students that qualify for the program by meeting with teachers and directors of the schools in the area. We currently have students in 5 different schools. We then interview the parents to determine eligibility and to ensure they are willing participants and committed to their child’s education. A family profile is then written for each child admitted to the program. A photo is taken of the student and they are put on a list for sponsorship!

The sponsor fills out the required form and is then matched up with the list of students. Once you have a student, then program updates are sent periodically by email so that you can follow your student’s progress.

How You Can Help

Once you become a sponsor we hope that you will commit through high school. The program estimates the annual costs to be:

$2,100 MXD to sponsor through grade 6
$2,800 MXD for grades 7-9
$3,900 MXD for grades 10-12

These amounts purchase a backpack, school supplies, and uniforms (3 shirts, 2 skirts/pants, 3 pairs of socks, and a new pair of shoes).

To keep receiving the support students must:

  • Maintain a grade point average of 80%
  • Bring a list of supplies required by the school to us by July
  • Write a thank you note to their sponsor
  • Come to a meeting the first week of school in their uniforms with their backpacks for a picture

If you can’t sponsor a child completely, we would be pleased to have a one-time donation for transportation, glasses, extra uniforms, or new shoes. We also appreciate any donation of supplies that you can bring in your luggage as it keeps our expenses down.

Through the program you can change a child’s life and give them a better future.

We are one world and together we can make a difference!

Click HERE to download the Sponsor Application Form.